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Posted on May 08 2020

CBD for Vape

Vaping has long been a part of the modern world as a fashion trend, and it is also an alternative to smoking, as it is free from carcinogens that are present in tobacco products.

One of the features of vaping is that it can be “personalised”. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of popular and exotic flavours for any taste, stylish multi-functional vape devices. And the topic of vape tricks deserves special attention.

The vaping industry evolved very fast, and there was the opportunity to use vaping as a therapeutic method. Vaping got a companion who may allow vapers to experience new solutions for some health problems.

This companion is CBD (Cannabidiol).

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become incredibly popular because of its ability to help with anxiety, depression, improve sleep quality, stabilise mood, and alleviate chronic pain. In its arsenal, it has anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties.

Why do vapers need CBD?

The most common reason for adding CBD to the vaping process for many people is primarily:

• Relaxing effect.

Vapers who do not have any physical health problems use Cannabidiol periodically, solely for relaxation—referring to the Relief of short-term stress, panic attacks, feelings of anxiety before any travelling or significant event.

Elevated doses of CBD can cause drowsiness and maximum relaxation, which is beneficial for people with insomnia. We also want to note that people who refuse to smoke and switch to vaping may have some discomfort and irritability due to the refusal of nicotine, which CBD may also help.

• Relief of chronic physical conditions.

Vapers who have physical health problems with chronic pain, nausea, neurological disorders, convulsions can also note improvement with the systematic use of Cannabidiol.

• Studies show that CBD helps strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Preventing plaque build-up and can help lower blood pressure and manage your symptoms.

Why is CBD the best companion for vaping?

Interestingly, vaping with CBD is the fastest way to feel the effect.
During the evaporation process, CBD enters your lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream. Rather than passing through the digestive system (such as CBD oils or edibles), allowing it to enter your bloodstream at a higher absorption rate offering maximum bioavailability, feeling effects much faster, enabling a quick fix to relieve anxiety attacks or outbreaks of pain.

It is accessible to dosage the amount of CBD consumed, considering the bodyweight and the desirable effect (in the case of shots).

How safe is vaping with CBD?

• CBD is non-toxic and has no known common side effects.
• CBD is not psychoactive and will not make you high.
• CBD is safe for blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, as opposed to smoking.
• CBD is a non-additive.
• With long-term use, you do not need to increase the dosage to get the desired effect.
• When using CBD isolate, which is essentially the purest form, you can be confident of a negative result when taking a drug test, since it excludes THC (psychoactive component).
• Side effects are not generally known and may only occur with a sharp increase in dose or individual characteristics of the body.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a CBD vape.

• Quality of the product (laboratory tests).
• Reliable manufacturer specialising in the production of CBD.
• Composition of vape liquid (if CBD is an ingredient).
• This is better to exclude the use of nicotine.


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