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With our CBD additive, you can turn any of your favourite e-liquids into CBD e-juice by yourself!

We sell the highest quality vape additive, which consists of CBD isolate for the UK and other countries, and we can provide certified laboratory testing .

CBD Vape Shot:

  • CO2 extracted
  • Certified
  • Pure CBD isolate
  • Odourless & Tasteless
  • Free of pesticides, heavy metals, and herbicides


CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and contains no other elements of the plant. Using CBD isolate, you can be sure that there are no tastes, no smells, and most importantly, no THC. So has no psychoactive effects and you can be confident when taking a drug test!

By adding CBD Vape Shot to e-liquids you enjoy your favorite flavours and get all the benefits of the relaxation properties of CBD!


How much CBD do you need to consume?

For your convenience, you can check the CBD dosage calculator to understand the different types of measurements, as the vape shot has a different strength depending on your preferences.

CBD Vape Shot is available in:

  • 250 mg CBD strength
  • 500 mg CBD strength
  • 1000 mg CBD strength.


*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Also please note the information on this page is for recommendation only and each individual is different. If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact us.

Important Information: CBD may naturally crystallise at lower temperatures. If this should happen, stand the product in warm water until it becomes un-crystallised.

Please also note that when vaping CBD Vape Shot we recommend using at a low temperature (10w-30w).