How To Quit Smoking Weed?

Matt Myriad

Posted on May 23 2020

How to quit smoking weed.

Firstly, before you think this is written by someone who has no idea what they’re talking about, you’re reading the words of someone who smoked cannabis everyday for 15 years.  I then quit and haven’t been high for 3 years.  The secret? A combination of healthy distractions, and vaping CBD.

CBD, as you may already know, is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. It doesn’t get you high, however I noticed certain effects that I like when it came to my mindset during the time I was stopping my consumption of cannabis containing THC.  Consuming CBD may help you stop smoking weed like it did for me.

Why stop smoking weed?

The side effects of smoking weed (THC) or even THC vapes, vary depending on who is consuming it.  A side effect is​ an undesirable effect of a drug;​ When consuming cannabis, some people feel drowsy and subdued, others feel anxious and paranoid. Some people don’t ever have any negative side effects at all! It all comes down to how you as a human get on with a substance, and how your mind deals. Generally speaking, the short term side effects are short lived, and aren’t usually too unpleasant.

Long term side effects of THC are yet to be properly explored. As the potency of cannabis has increased due to technological advancements in the genetic playground, it’s difficult to gauge exactly what cannabis, in general, does to the human body and mind over time.  In terms of the negative side effects, what we do know however is;

  • Smoking anything is not good for you - It damages the lungs and causes huge disruption to your body's delicate ecosystem.
  • THC can impair your judgement - Decisions become harder to make. Perhaps you make the wrong decisions? Or maybe you avoid making decisions completely when you’re high? 
  • It has been known to encourage lethargy - Some cannabis can cause a “couch lock” effect, making it very difficult to unweld your backside from the chair. 
  • THC has been known to affect memory. ​THC causes its effect by attaching to receptors in brain regions that are vital for memory formation, including the hippocampus, amygdala, and cerebral cortex.

To summarise, smoking is bad, impaired judgement isn’t exactly helpful, nor is being lethargic and having a bad memory. However beneficial you think THC is, it’s possible to get the same benefits

from CBD without the negative side effects of THC. After smoking very strong cannabis everyday for 15 years and then stopping completely, I can confirm that it is possible, and surprisingly easy to make the switch from THC to CBD. 

Many employees are threatened with dismissal if employers find THC on a drugs test. But CBD isn’t prohibited by drug tests, or should I say the people issuing the test. So if you get drug tested regularly, you can be assured that you won’t be penalised for using CBD to help your ailments. 

The CBD vape effects vary, depending on the strength of the CBD and if there are added terpenes within the eliquid you’re vaping. Terpenes are basically what makes all plants smell and taste the way they do. In a lemon tree for example, the predominant terpene (and therefore taste) is Limonene. The tree uses this smell to deter damaging pests, and attract other pests that like to eat the damaging pests. Clever right? Terpenes kick cannabinoids like CBD into hyperspeed. Think of CBD as a dimmer switch, like the lights in your living room, and your fingers are terpenes. When terpenes come in contact, they will amplify the effect of CBD from a 2 to a 10! It’s known as the “entourage effect”, and this effect is surprisingly effective.

A very small number of people (1% of regular cannabis consumers) struggle with THC withdrawal when they quit smoking weed, such as night sweats and being more irritable than usual. Studies have been carried out which helps us understand what the body does after being exposed to THC for extended periods of time. CBD has been known to ease these withdrawal symptoms, reassuring your bodys’ endocannabinoid system that it has nothing to worry about. 

Benefits of CBD vaping

When speaking personally and about my experiences (and most certainly not medically speaking), vaping terpene infused eliquid is what helped me the most when quitting cannabis. It emulated the taste of cannabis, thanks to the terpenes. After ten minutes I felt my back muscles relax, sinking lower in the chair I was sitting in. The stress of the day's annoyances evaporated with every inhale of the CBD vape; In a very similar way to THC. An hour and 200mg of CBD later, I’m relaxed, my anxiety has dissolved and my bad back feels less annoyed. When I experienced this feeling without the help of THC, I realised that it would be easy to stop smoking weed and stick to vaping CBD eliquid. I combined consuming CBD with keeping myself busy for the first few weeks, a month later I forgot what being high was like and I was very content with where I was. 

CBD really helped me make the transition between getting high for 15 years and stopping completely. You don’t really need THC. Apart from getting high, CBD can deliver everything you need. 

Some people wean themselves off THC, going from seven days a week, to five days, then to three days a week, then one until they aren’t smoking any weed at all!  

What are the best ways to consume CBD?

Using CBD isolate in food and drink is an easy way to get the cannabinoids your body wants. You don’t need to smoke, vape, or apply anything to your skin, it’s much easier. Pure CBD isolate can be expensive, but very little goes a very long way! The best CBD isolate is always 99.99%, so ensure that you are buying the right product.

 So in the battle of CBD vs Weed, who wins?

 It’s clear to see, CBD is basically harmless, but yet it seems to deliver a lot of benefits to those that consume it. THC can be a useful cannabinoid, however it’s intoxicating effects can sometimes outweigh the benefits. Give CBD a try. What have you got to lose? 

You can try the highest quality CBD vape additive, giving you all the opportunities to stop smoking weed.

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