• The most bio-available CBD vape additive

    Simple solution to boost your favourite e-liquid with bio-available CBD

What is CBD Vape Shot?

CBD Vape Shot is a concentrated formula of CBD Isolate and PG in a 2ml bottle.
It is a simple solution to boost your favourite e-liquid with bioavailable CBD.

What does CBD Vape Shot do?

CBD Vape Shot is your vape assistant for everyday relaxation and stress relief. 

Why 2ml you ask?

CBD Vape Shot 2ml gives users the flexibility to enjoy CBD at a dosage of your choice with your favourite e-liquid!

The fastest way to relieve stress and anxiety!

During the vapourisation process, CBD enters your lungs and diffuses directly into your bloodstream rather than passing through the digestive system. This allows the CBD to enter your circulation at a faster absorption rate, for maximum bioavailability.

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