Qaulity. Control. Compliance.

Compliance and Traceability

How does CBD Vape Shot ensure the production of high-quality CBD extract? We use the most trialled method of high-quality CBD extraction. We monitor all controls and ensure that all processes, are compliant under FDA laws, and is double validated through the HPLC and convergence chromatography.


The hemp crop used for our CBD Vape Shot doesn’t go through any harsh extraction processes which would damage the integrity of the CBD. We produce the CBD Vape Shot from a hemp derived crystalline cannabinol, isolated through CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation. Our method of CBD extraction is the most trialled solution that ensures the production of the purest concentration of quality CBD extract.


We dedicate our processes towards the sale and distribution of safe and legal CBD products. Our optimised control processes ensure full user autonomy through a highly concentrated dose of the very best quality CBD extract. Our operations prioritise consumer safety and satisfaction, therefore we ensure that all internal systems and controls are carefully monitored for enhanced customer satisfaction.


We manufacture the CBD Vape Shot in the USA under Federal Government Approval. We double validate our CBD content through the HPLC and convergence chromatography. The CBD Vape Shot complies with all health, safety and legal regulations in the UK.