Meet Our Team!

The Business of Quality CBD Production


When it comes to vaping and CBD, our team is comprised of the best of the best. From members with expertise in business, branding and product development, we leave no stone unturned. As for the CBD side of things; well we consider ourselves scientists!

As scientists who have mastered the art of producing the purest CBD isolate on the market and businessmen who have mastered the art of sales, branding and product development, the CBD Vape Shot team is nothing short of talented, quirky and motivated to producing only the best!



Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of consulting across a wide range of business sectors. Skilled in advertising, human resources, structural and strategic business planning and Management. An all-round strong consulting professional.



Adam comes from a photography and design background and will always add a fresh approach to content. Adam also plays a key role in product development. He will take on any project and deliver a professional result that will stand up against the competition. His attention to detail in his research and communication has proved to be absolutely vital in achieving this.



Daniel is a Managing Partner and is responsible for overseeing our UK and European operations. He has been a key figure in establishing and managing the group’s business. He also has extensive sales experience at senior-level on a global basis. Daniel is a great asset and plays a key role in growing revenues for our business.


With extensive knowledge and experience in the retail, as well as the leisure sector, Nathan has a proven track record for helping small business entities grow from the ground up to large scale entities. He has a wealth of experience in the innovation, consultation, branding and distribution of high quality CBD products. He has strong connections with key international players and Europe’s leading CBD specialists. Nathan’s passion for providing high quality CBD products stems from his desire to help others with a legal alternative to treating certain conditions like his, that he has successfully treated with CBD.



As the chief infusionist for CBD Vape Shot, Oliver’s passion to provide legal high-quality CBD to multiple markets too stems from conditions he has successfully treated with this incredible compound. With intrinsic knowledge of the CBD compound, he has mastered the technique required to infuse CBD into a variety of different products. Having studied at Nottingham university, Oli’s creative journey began by specialising in high level luxury goods in both wholesale and retail markets. Much like Nathan, Oli is also connected with key players in the CBD industry, specifically in the US, where CBD Vape Shot sources it’s hemp grown specifically for pure CBD isolate production.



Alex works on the product development, operations processes and financial management of the company. His role encompasses Business Development, Financial Reporting and Systems Management. Alex has a great understanding and passion for the elements needed to take a product to market and his specialist knowledge in driving business processes and meeting goals makes him an essential part of the team.



James is our Sales Director and key strategic advisor. James’s prime focus is on scaling premium hemp products and promoting easy availability to both National and International clients using the backbone of Taylor Mammon’s White Label Services & Products. His key knowledge & experience in the Vape Industry have married James up with strong International distribution and Manufacturing partners Worldwide. James plays a key role in supporting Taylor Mammon’s large scale manufacturing needs.