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Posted on February 07 2020

Can I travel to other countries with CBD

Well, this is a slightly confusing subject, with a playing field that is constantly changing its levels. But fear not, in this article we will look deeper into the logistics of travelling internationally with CBD, and try to simplify the complexity of laws around this amazing extract of the cannabis plant. We can’t promise 100% success, however we can give you some tips and things to consider when travelling with CBD.

Whether you plan to take CBD on an airplane and want to be flying with CBD gummies, or have a bottle of CBD oil for flying anxiety, or if you want to be more clear on international CBD laws, keep reading. We can put your mind at rest with more than just our CBD shot!

Before we get too deep into it, it is always best to use CBD products from legitimate sources. Health food shops, well established vape liquid companies and specific CBD shops are always a safe bet. However, your friends homemade CBD hash in a baggy made from his CBD dominant plants is not a safe bet. I think you understand what we are trying to say here.

If you vape CBD, take a few seconds to look at our CBD Vape Shot for a good example of a travel friendly source of CBD. It’s great CBD for anxiety with surprisingly efficient CBD effects on the body.

Within the UK, the laws around CBD are somewhat simple in comparison to other countries. If the CBD in your possession is CBD isolate (98-99% pure CBD), and has been extracted from the stalks and stems of the plant, you should have no major issues when it comes to the legality of your product, especially if it has been purchased legally through a reputable company, in the form of CBD liquid. This is because it will be branded and packaged, it should have the relevant safety information, and basically looks legitimate, just like any other supplement Full spectrum CBD products (extracted using the all of the plant - flowers, leafs and stalks) such as CBD distillate, some topical balms and unidentified vape liquids may become a cause for concern by security personnel and law enforcement, lengthening search times in airports and possibly meaning you miss your flight! If it looks like it could contain a cannabinoid, then the authorities will want to take the time to check that you aren’t breaking the law.

If you are familiar with our blogs and product, you will already know the benefits; how CBD affects anxiety for the better, CBD for muscle relaxing is used more and more by athletes in their recovery time, and how there is more than just one CBD effect. The list of effects that run behind the scenes is massive.

Here are some questions we think you may have on your mind if you are travelling and want to experience the CBD relaxation benefits.


I don’t know about you but I’m a frequent flier and I still get sweaty palms on take off. So, I always use CBD for anxiety when sitting in the departure gate, half way through the flight, and on the descent. But that involves getting your anti-anxieties through security, and this can sometimes be problematic because the laws in the UK are so unnecessarily complicated, then you have to consider the laws in the country you’re travelling to. If departing from the UK, you shouldn’t have any problems if the product you have is legally purchased from a reputable company.

Just to be safe, take extra measures to ensure your hand luggage isn’t searched. Keep ALL liquids and aerosols in the see through bag provided, including your CBD oil. If any liquid is detected inside your hand luggage, you will be searched, and this can lead to unnecessary questions being asked about your personal belongings.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, in simple terms, yes, you can travel with CBD within Europe. It is recommended that it has been purchased from a reputable company within the UK. They will have produced the product legally with respect to EU laws and regulations. You can often request a laboratory report from these companies for the product you have purchased, to confirm that it is within the parameters of the law; Always a handy document to have!

Countries like the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal already have very relaxed laws on cannabis, so you should experience no issues in places like that. It is always a good idea to spend a few minutes looking at the laws in the country of your destination.


Here is some information for your reference.

Travelling with CBD



  • Slovakia
  • Belarus
  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 


As you may know, state law and federal law is very complex. Each state has its own laws and protocols for anything cannabis related. California, Washington and Colorado are very relaxed towards cannabis, however in Arizona, possessing cannabis without a valid medical marijuana card is a felony offence!
PLEASE, Check the Laws in the State where you plan to visit. Even CBD isolate.

Can you bring CBD on a cruise?

This is a little bit more tricky than going from point A to B on a regular holiday or business trip to a single destination. Cruises often visit multiple countries, arriving in another location each morning. This means that you could have up to 7, 10 or more countries' laws to consider depending on the exact contents of your CBD products. Research each country’s laws before committing to taking it on a cruise. It’s not quite as simple as getting it through the UK security section at the seaport.

To summarise; CBD is still in the early stages of acceptance. It will take time to iron out the creases when it comes to laws and border control protocols. We can’t guarantee that you will breeze through security in airports or seaports without any problems when travelling with CBD products, however using your common sense and being sensible will save you a lot of hassle.


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