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Posted on August 08 2019

CBD Vape Review


We’ve had nicotine shots for short-fills for quite some time now, and thanks to the UK based CBD Vape Shot we now have er…CBD shots too!

I’m not sure if this is a first, I do use another brand that I add to my e-liquid daily. What is a first is the carefully measured 2ml bottle can be added directly to a short-fill, which means you are getting potentially more for your money.

The CBD juice is colourless and odourless and comes in a smart little tin with three different CBD strengths: 250mg – 500mg and 1000mg.




The beauty of the CBD Vape Shot is you can use either drip a few drops into your tank OR tip the whole bottle into your 50ml short-fill vape juice – or break it down into smaller levels – and vape it that way.

OK, this is a review – but maybe more what those YouTubers call a ‘presentation‘. As in I’ll explain a little about the company, how the CBD shots can be used and if it changed the flavour and vapour off the e-liquid I added it to.

BTW this was sent to me free of charge direct from CBD Vape Shot – thank you – and as always freebies in no way cloud my judgement.

CBD is legal in very many countries, including here in the UK. Despite the medical profession [on the whole] refusing to accept CBD helps in any way towards treating many types of illnesses or symptoms, there’s a raft of anecdotal evidence suggesting it does.

About CBD Vape Shot

As I’ve already stated, CBD Vape Shot is a UK based company with a team of highly experienced vape industry insiders and a handpicked group of botanical hemp experts.

The company uses a state of the art CO2 extraction process in its certified labs and chooses only the 100% natural GMO-free hemp plants.


CBD Vape shot 2ml2mix2enjoy


Their message is simple:

We possess key knowledge of vaping habits coupled and pioneering knowledge of CBD focused hemp cultivation.

Most importantly, we are committed to providing an innovative and necessary solution for CBD consumption to existing vaping and cannabis markets in the UK, and abroad.

Our product was born as a hemp derived crystalline Cannabidiol Isolate. It is produced using the most efficient and trialed method for pure concentrated CBD extraction.

How To Use the CBD Vape Shot

You can buy the CBD Vape Shot in x3 strengths:

  • 250mg
  • 500mg
  • 1000mg – The strength I received.

It can be used in a couple of ways which is dependent on a couple of factors. Brand new CBD vapers might want to start at the lower 250mg strength while those like me that have vaped on CBD for some considerable time, might wish to go straight to the top level.


CBD Vape Shot mixing guide


No matter what strength you choose, the CBD can either be:

  • Dripped directly into your vape tank that already contains e-liquid
  • Add the full 2ml CBD Vape Shot bottle to a 50mg short-fill
  • OR based on the company’s handy calculator, break the ratios down to suit.

CBD Vape Shot

BTW the bottle is tiny but comes with a dripper, and I found it very easy to use.

One thing though, it took me quite a while to open the bloody tin…until that is I realized it was airtight wrapped in plastic lol…only me!

Vaping On the CBD Vape Shot

Given I had the 1000mg bottle I decided to use it in a couple of ways – two drips into the GeekVape Zeus X RTA 4.5ml tank and the rest into a 50ml short-fill minus the nicotine.

I really should have tried it with nicotine, however, given it’s rare CBD e-liquids contain nicotine [some of course do] I didn’t see the point – my bad 😉

OK the CBD shot is odourless and clear [photo is a reflection] and is suspended in 1% PG meaning 99% CBD.

CBD Vape Shot mixing

I added two drips to the tank filled with the tasty 12 Monkeys Origins Papio, which is a 70/30 VG PG mix and gives good clouds. I’ve used this juice a lot since I reviewed it and can honestly say I had no drop in flavour or indeed clouds in the two fills I tried.

I dumped the rest of the CBD Vape Shot into a 50ml short-fill Raspberry Punk Grenade by Riot Squad – shook well and left for half an hour or so.

Again this is a flavour I know very well and once again it’s a 70/30 VG PG mix. Again there was no dip in flavour at all, and the clouds were still as dense and aromatic.

CBD Vape Shot Instruction

As you can see, I choose to sub-ohm vape, the CBD shot. However, I see no reason at all why you shouldn’t try it with a more 50/50 VG/PG mouth to lung (MTL) based juice as I doubt it will make any difference IMHO.

Given this was a sub-ohm vape test, I used a pair of coils with a resistance of 0.17ohms at 65w with no issues.

Final Thoughts

As I say in most of my CBD e-liquid reviews, the price can be a little expensive, to say the least.

Looking at the prices of the CBD Vape Shot I reckon it’s an extremely good value for money – especially for the 250mg which is a cracking price and ideal for newbies or those who don’t need that much CBD in their systems.


Pandora Blue introduces the CBD Vape Shot – nice bikini 😉 , But I digress…

It definitely doesn’t take anything away from the flavour or clouds from the two juices I’ve used – not a hint of terpenes so again ideal for those of you who don’t like those botanical after notes 😉

It’s clean and a convenient way to keep your levels topped up while vaping on your favourite e-liquids – so yeah definitely one I’d recommend.

BTW as to if CBD has ‘worked for me‘ as I’m not a medical professional I’m not really allowed to say.

CBD Vape shot review

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