The Benefits of Vaping


Posted on September 12 2019

The benefits of vaping

Every discussion of the health risks of vaping should begin with a comparison to cigarette smoking because vapes are designed to be reduced-harm alternatives to smoking cigarettes. Also need to notice that the vast majority of vapers are smokers or ex-smokers.




We all know well about the dangers of nicotine and the potential threat of secondhand smoke. But not all people can stop smoking, and everyone has their reasons why they smoke. Vaping can be an excellent substitute for smoking because you subconsciously use actions that have a calming effect on you, but at the same time, you can limit or eliminate the use of nicotine. 

We know that smoking cigarette causes well-known harm to the lungs. And what about vaping?

Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, which are known carcinogens. It also contains particulate matter that is deposited deep in the lungs.
Vaping doesn’t produce known carcinogens in quantities large enough to be considered real risks, also and it doesn’t contain solid particles like smoke.

There is no combustion process in vaping, there is no tar or carbon monoxide. Instead of that vaping process uses heat from a coil to turn e-liquid into an inhalable aerosol.




While smoking cigarettes, you can only smell the tobacco (not always of good quality) and the smell of the burning process. And using a vape you can choose any flavour that you want to smell and taste from a sweet dessert, fruit and refreshing aroma to exotic ones such as the smell of steak, blue cheese, and even pine needles.

You can be curious about the question "Are flavours dangerous for lungs?".
Diketones - group of flavoring chemicals is believed to be responsible for a disease called "popcorn lung" when it is inhaled in large dosage. Need to admit, that diketones are not present in all e-liquids. After certain researches, most e-liquid manufacturers reformulated their products or began publishing testing showing the levels of the diketones in products.

Diketones are present in cigarettes too, and considering the much larger quantities of diketones in cigarette smoke, the comparatively small amounts in vapes are not likely to be a threat. The diketones are unsafe for inhalation, but the safer choice between vaping and smoking is clear, considering the amounts present.


Smoking cost vs vaping cost


Agree, this is one of the most crucial questions. Have you ever tried to calculate how many packs of cigarettes you smoke per month and now multiply this by the number of years during which you smoke! Do not rush, get upset you can still change this situation. Using a vape is much more economical than cigarette smoking. 

In the UK, the average cost is about £10 for a cigarette pack.
For smokers who go through a pack a day, it will cost £10 per pack x 365 days in a year = £3,650. Yes, this is an average cost of smoking per year!

And if to count a total average cost for vaping set per year, you will have the following: 

  • Vape device £50
  • E-liquids (10ml bottle) £208
  • Coils £72
  • Battery (optional) £11

Summing everything up, we get £341 TOTAL COST for VAPING PER YEAR!

Do we need to add something more?


The vaping process makes it easy to regulate nicotine levels or stop using it or replace it with a much more effective supplement.

The advantages of vaping over smoking are apparent, now let's recall the reason that makes most smokers smoke. Anxiety, stress, and fatigue, CBD Vape Shot was explicitly created to help you relax, feel satisfied and calm down.

When vaping with CBD Vape Shot inhaling into your lungs, CBD dissolves directly in your circulatory system instead of passing through the intestines and liver. As if taken orally (for example, in the form of drops and juice). That means that you will achieve the same positive effects with less quantity of CBD. Because smoking an electronic cigarette will also reduce the time required for CBD to activate, you do not have to wait until it passes through your digestive system.

By evaporating the e-liquid with CBD, you can immediately feel the effects. That makes CBD e-liquid an extremely efficient and fast way to deliver CBD.

Still, waiting or are you ready to relax?


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