Is Vaping Safe as Opposed to Smoking?


Posted on August 17 2020

Is vaping safe?

Vaping has always been a subject of controversy. Some argue that it's harmless since "you just inhale water vapour," but others say that "it's pure cancer!" and you shouldn't try it even once. Who's right? What should you believe? Read on to find out everything you need to know about vaping, vaping health, and vaping safety.

History of Vaping


In the 1950s, doctors began to voice concerns about how smoking cigarettes was harming people's health: lip cancer, lung cancer, and heart disease were only a few of the most health issues among heavy smokers. The list grew until it contained a host of conditions that affect almost every organ in the body.

 Over the years, many inventors came up with various ways to replace cigarettes. In 2003, a Chinese inventor called Hon Lik created e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to deliver nicotine.

 A year after he conceived of the idea, his employer released the product in the Chinese market and eventually reached the US in 2007.


What Is Vaping?

Simply put, vaping refers to using a device that heats a liquid so that the actual vapour is inhaled. The process looks very similar to smoking cigarettes, but there's no tobacco involved.

 The vaping liquid is usually a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavours, and optional nicotine. The dose of each ingredient, including nicotine, can be regulated to contain more or less vapour and cause different sensations. For example, more vegetable glycerin creates more vapour.

 Flavours are there to make the experience more personalized and pleasant to each user. Usually, people who switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping need a dose of nicotine. Even those who start smoking with vapes still prefer using nicotine.

The vaping device is called an e-cigarette. As the name suggests, it's an electronic device. There are many types of e-cigarettes.

Types of E-cigarettes

  •  Cigalike - compact and small, are ideal for anyone who is just discovering the world of vaping or looking for a way to reduce or quit smoking. This type of e-cigarette replicates a real tobacco cigarette in size and style.
  •  Pen kits can vary in both size and power output. They can have an external or internal battery. Can be used to vape as mouth-to-lung (MTL), or direct-to-lung (DTL) sub-ohm style. Almost all types of e-liquids are used for Pen Kits, although 70% PG and 30% VG are the most popular Nicotine strengths vary.
  •  Pod Kits are a modern and compact device for both MTL and Sub Ohm vaping. Juul Kit is one of the most famous representatives of such devices.
  • Sub Ohm kits The new generation is truly impressive. Designed for more experienced vapers wishing to produce vapour clouds, get more flavour, and longer battery life. Some models have more than one battery.
  • Mechanical Mods These devices are for advanced vapers allowing you to get the most out of your atomizer and coils inside. You will need knowledge and skills to use them. Please notice, that mechanical mod can be dangerous if misused and with the correct user can give a considerable performance.
  • Squonk mods are one of the new types of devices, they are intended only for a certain kind of atomizer.

The types of e-cigarette

 Regardless of the type, vaping needs a vaping liquid referred to as e-liquids.

Vaping Liquid, Vaping Juice

A misconception about vaping liquids is that they're only water. But that's not true. Vaping liquid can contain water, but there are other materials, such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavours, and nicotine.

 Low-quality vaping ingredients are hazardous and cause serious complications. So please make sure that it's standard is high-quality and from a reputable company.

 Unlike black-market dealers, reputable companies care about the health and safety of their customers. So, as long as you buy your vaping juice from a well-known brand, you should be fine.


 Smoking Vs Vaping


As the name suggests, an e-cigarette inspired by traditional cigarettes, and both deliver nicotine. They can both be addictive, so children, teenagers, and pregnant women should avoid them.


The similarities are not many, but the differences are. According to the Royal College of Physicians, vaping nicotine is about 95% safer than smoking what's more, vaping leaves no bad smell, while many people hate the smell of cigarette smoke. However, handling and recharging an e-cigarette can be more complicated since there are no matches or lighters involved.

The dose of nicotine and vapour output are both adjustable in e-cigarettes—unlike traditional cigarettes. E-juices also comes in a wider variety of flavours, and they're more affordable than cigarettes.

Second-hand smoke is even more concerning than smoking cigarettes. But second-hand vapour is much less dangerous. Some studies also claim that it's non-toxic. Quitting vape is easier than smoking cigarettes because of the adjustable level of nicotine.

Overall, vapes are less risky than cigarettes. Of course, cigarettes have been around for centuries now, and there's a large body of research on cigarettes and their health risks. But still, the chemicals in cigarettes by far outnumber those in vapes.


Using Vapes to Quit Smoking

Many people turn to vapes to quit smoking. Should they?

When smoking cigarettes, you burn tobacco. You then inhale the smoke along with 7,000 other chemicals. The reason why cigarettes are so severely harmful to almost every organ is the other chemicals. Many of them are toxic.

Vaping nicotine can substitute smoking. An e-cigarette with a refillable tank is a more effective way to deliver than a disposable model. If you're a light smoker, an e-cigarette increases your chance of quitting.

Furthermore, some studies show e-cigarettes can be less addictive than traditional cigarettes.

One reason is that the dose of nicotine is adjustable, and you can slowly reduce it. However, some smokers start vaping and turn into dual users! Quitting needs a strong will and With the right attitude, vaping can set you on your path to quitting. Before making a final decision on how you'll stop, you should consult a health specialist. Merely switching to vaping nicotine won't guarantee that you'll quit smoking for good.


Is Vaping Bad for You?

Many sources are explaining the health risks associated with vaping. So far, scientists haven't studied the long-term effects of vaping. However, with the short-term effects and the material inside the e-juice, they can tell it is not harmless, but less harmful than cigarettes. We need more research on vaping and its potential harms.


Vaping Alerts

Like cigarettes, pregnant women should avoid vapes. The damage can cause future disabilities or disorders like the effect of alcohol, which you should avoid during pregnancy.

 Children are another group that should avoid e-cigarettes—just like they shouldn't be allowed to smoke regular cigarettes.


The Takeaway

Decades after smoking cigarettes had become popular; scientist realized their dangerous effects. Since the 1950s, many inventors have presented alternatives to traditional cigarettes. All of these alternatives aim to reduce the adverse side effects of smoking while maintaining the sense of pleasure you get from smoking.

In 2003, a Chinese pharmacist came up with the idea of vaping—using vapour to deliver nicotine and other chemicals to the body—as a safer and cleaner way to enjoy smokes. He planned to use an electronic device with a rechargeable battery to replace the cigarette. This device was created to look like a traditional cigarette in terms of both size and feel.

Is vaping safer than smoking? Definitely.

Overall, it's 95% less harmful than cigarettes, which is an impressive improvement.

Is it addictive? Yes. Everything with nicotine is addictive.

But they are easier to quit since the level of nicotine is adjustable. So, if you do decide to quit, you can easily lower the level.

Shall I start vaping? If you're under 18, definitely NO.

If you're a non-smoker, why do you want to do that? Many people are trying very hard to quit and get in your shoes if you're a smoker, of course! Use it to quit smoking.

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