CBD Success Stories - CBD Vape shot

As a new CBD brand operating under strict governance in the UK, we cannot make any claims regarding the physical or medical properties of the CBD Vape Shot. However, since the launch of our product, many of our users have openly shared just how the CBD Vape Shot has produced a positive change in their life. There are many questions surrounding the success and effectiveness of CBD use, so it's important that we clear the smoke. We have accumulated the most compelling CBD success stories to answer any questions regarding its effectiveness.


“Hello, I just want to say so far I have been absolutely over the moon with the CBD product! It’s just perfect  I have tried many CBD and this one is just perfect! It helps me sleep! It helps my colitis I can eat the things I want without the upset stomach! I just really want to say how impressed I am! You have well and truly made a great product and I love the easiness and the flexibility of the product and the volume of the product you can add to the tank or liquids of your choice!"

“This item is easy to mix with your existing short fills no messing around just follow the dilution chart. This was my first time trying CBD and I wasn't sure what to expect however I've been using it for a few days now at night before bed and it is helping me have a deeper more relaxed sleep I suffer from lower back and hip pain from a motorcycle crash and often get a dull throbbing pain before bed this CBD has been helping to numb the pain. 10/10 would recommend."

“Hi cbdvapeshot, after having tried your CBD drops for the whole weekend I can truly say they are AMAZING. My Crohn’s and anxiety has been the best it’s been in a long time and being able to sleep at night is a whole new world for me. Can you send me a price list of your vape shots please as I would like to buy some more?.”

“I’m not going to lie. I didn’t expect the CBD to taste amazing, but I was pleasantly surprised! Smashed it in a bottle of glazed donut. Slightly tangy but overall taste wasn’t too bad. I have to say though I’m a huge insomniac! It mellowed me right out and I slept for three hours. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but considering I get an hour a night if I’m lucky it did its job. Damn good! Plus, I dripped it instead of tanked. Gutted now though cause I’m going to Vape the s*** out of it."

If these CBD Success Stories have given you some insight into the power of CBD and what it can do for you, then purchase yours today.

This stuff from @cbdvapeshot is amazing. If you suffer with anxiety you must try this. It stopped my anxiety while using it.

Now, I’ve got something that actually helps to lessen the pain in my eyes and doesn’t cause other damage or become addictive like some of the prescription pills I’ve been given