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Posted on April 08 2019


Since the UK’s laws on CBD have changed over the last few years, we are seeing an explosion of CBD products hitting the online marketplace and the shelves in our stores. Finally, there is an acknowledgement of the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and this regulation of CBD products is the first step of many that are needed to give this incredible plant what it deserves. Freedom! Now is the best time to make the transition from THC to CBD, and throughout this article, we will explore the different reasons why this could be one of the best changes you could make to your lifestyle.

Benefits of CBD - The Science

To understand the benefits of CBD you must first look at it on its own. Forget about the stereotypes of cannabis for a second. CBD has no psychoactive effects, so you won’t feel any kind of head high, brain fuzz or foggy effects that can be experienced when smoking cannabis. This feeling of having a foggy mind can affect a lot of cannabis users in negative ways, including paranoia, anxiety and in some cases panic attacks.

CBD, on the other hand, offers a mass of beneficial effects to the user, but without the daze that comes with THC.

Studies have shown that CBD alone may help reduce pain and inflammation, lower anxiety and depression, aid the treatment of PTSD, tackle neurological disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson's disease, and even reduce the growth of tumours. The list goes on! No wonder society is opening their eyes to the endless possibilities of using this miraculous plant to help people.

Now, you may be asking yourself “Regular cannabis can also give me this plethora of benefits, why should I make the switch?”Don’t let the absence of the head high put you off using it. When looking at what CBD does in particular, it can be incredibly powerful. For example, in higher doses, CBD has been known to help avoid some possible long term impacts on cognition and memory observed in studies of heavy THC users. So, CBD can act as a seat belt for THC use; Amazing! The plant has created its own defence system for the adverse effects of its other powerful compound, THC.

How is CBD made?

Firstly, it’s best to explain that any cannabis plant with a THC content of less than 0.3% is classed as hemp. To accommodate this, growers are intentionally breeding out the THC and increasing the levels of CBD. Once ripe, the plants are harvested, dried and put through a cold methanol extraction system. It’s then run through a series of distillation processes which leaves pure CBD extract. This concentrated extract can be used in E-liquid, tinctures, balms or consumed in its purest state. This is where the fun begins!

Going from THC to CBD

The number of people deciding to replace their THC consumption with CBD is increasing massively in the UK, all thanks to its recent exposure. More people wanting a product increases the competition, which means a better variety and quality of products on the market. Right now, there is a huge range of CBD products available in the UK.

From e-liquids and vape concentrates to infused gummy bears and lotions. A close source in the USA (the current kings of cannabis) has said that we have a better range of CBD products here in the UK! We think this is down to the fact that we are not allowed to experiment with cannabis to the fullest extent. We have only been given free rein to experiment with CBD. However, we are certainly making the most of that! Because of this, going from THC to CBD is not as hard as you think! The therapeutic effects of CBD are surprisingly powerful, and the selection of products available to you are growing bigger by the month. There has never been a better time to make the change!


You may have heard cannabis enthusiasts lovingly refer to “terps” when smelling their product. Terpenes are, in very basic terms, the scent that plants produce. They often have a strong odour that is used to protect the plants by deterring herbivores and attracting predators and parasites of these animals. Clever huh?

The terpene in Lemons is Limonene, this terpene is commonly found in cannabis strains like Lemon Haze, Sunset Sherbet, and Sour Lemon OG. Thanks to selective cross-breeding, terpenes can be encouraged to flourish.

Many CBD product manufacturers are infusing their e-liquids and concentrate with extracted terpenes. Not only to make them taste like your favourite cannabis strains but to add more of a therapeutic effect. Dormant cannabinoids are activated by terpenes, meaning you have a more valuable experience when vaping.

Scientists and growers know what some terpenoids found in cannabis do pharmacologically in the brain. For example, Linalool (commonly found in Lavender) has sedating and anti-anxiety properties. “So it might make sense that when you combine its anti-anxiety effect with that of cannabidiol [CBD], then they boost each other,” says Ethan Russo; Director of research and development at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, who studies the entourage effect. There are plenty of e-liquids that are infused with terpenes, just waiting for a shot of CBD. We offer CBD shots in a range of strengths, the perfect addition to a terpene infused e-liquid. These terpene e-liquids are incredible. After adding a 1000mg CBD shot, it’s almost like the real thing!

Within 20 minutes my aching and problematic back muscles relax and my knees start to tingle. The warmth of the body buzz starts to explore my body. 60 minutes later my thinking is crystal clear, but yet my body is nice and relaxed. Which leads me to the next point.

Is it easy to switch from THC to just CBD?

To put it simply, yes. I’m living proof. I smoked cannabis for over 15 years, enthusiastically and passionately. In my personal opinion, the hardest bit about abstaining from THC is the habit, and sometimes the ritual, but certainly not the high. Replace it with CBD products and the whole transition is a lot easier! I still enjoy all the benefits of cannabis but with CBD instead. Zero THC for over 3 years. There’s no annoying head fuzz, no confusion, no “errrrrrm” every time I need to make a decision. Just an unadulterated clean body buzz, fewer aches, fewer pains and better quality of sleep. The terpene infused e-liquid allows me to experience the enjoyment I used to have when smoking my favourite strains, tasting the hazes, the kushes and the OG’s.

You might be reading this because you work in an office, you’re sitting at a desk and someone needs you to do something tedious. You might have depression and want to get yourself off the medication with a long list of bad side effects. Perhaps you want to manage chronic pain without developing a painkiller addiction. Maybe you just have a minor social anxiety issue and need to take the edge off when meeting someone new. Or, like me, you just want the chill without the pill, the high without the low, the buzz without the “ugh”. If this rings true with you; CBD could well be the answer.


CBD is safe. Scientists, researchers and universities all over the world have been studying the properties of this miracle compound. For the UK to finally accept that cannabis can have medicinal benefits, CBD has to have passed the governments rigorous tests. It has been known to help reduce so many ailments with no psychoactive effects and no negative side effects. It’s perfect for reducing the psychological dependency to THC to ensure an easier transition for the user, so that one day soon, there will be no need to consume THC. While the short term and long term effects of THC are still being researched, it’s not so intimidating big brother CBD has been accepted by people of all ages and demographics. It’s time for you to start your journey.

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