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The science behind the CBD VAPE SHOT

The science behind the CBD VAPE SHOT



When you take an incredibly experienced team from the vape industry and couple them with an equally experienced and highly skilled team of botanical hemp experts whose primary goal and deep-lying passion is providing a simple solution to those who seek a bioavailable CBD vape liquid, the one and only CBD Vape Shot is born.

Further to this, our farm exclusively owns the genetics to a top-level bearing hemp crop. This means that it does not need to go through any of those harsh extraction processes which essentially damage the wholeness and purity of the CBD.

This is not just a bi-product of industrial hemp cultivation, this is an art form, and we’ll show you why by taking you through the science behind the CBD Vape Shot.



Our CBD is hemp is purely derived from crystalline cannabinol, which is separated through CO2 Extraction and Crystal precipitation. After many years of collective experience, we use the most trialled procedure of high-quality CBD extraction.

CBD Vape Shot supervises the entire process to ensure that all steps are fully compliant under FDA laws. We achieve this through ensuring that the CBD content in our Vape Shot is double checked through HPLC and Convergence Chromatography.

Our shot is an incomparably pure 2ml concentration of Cannabidiol and PG, which makes it perfect as a bioavailable additive to any of your favourite vape flavours.

Here at CBD Vape Shot, we truly believe we’ve mastered the art of producing the purest manifestation of CBD isolate for accurate dosing. Find out more, or perhaps try it out for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


Cannabidiol Crystalline or CBD crystals are the purest forms of CBD Concentrate. These crystals derive from strains of cannabis specifically grown to create cannabidiol.


CO2 extraction has been commonly used to make food for years and is an innovative way of extracting CBD oil. CO2 extraction together with crystal precipitation is most certainly the most environmentally friendly way of extracting the oil. It is a lot safer, cleaner, and cheaper than using fossil fuel-based extraction.



There are numerous ways to dose cannabidiol, from vaping and ingestion to taking it sublingually. When an individual vapes, they feel the effects instantly – usually within 2 minutes. These effects often last up to 6 hours or more.

During the vaporisation process, the CBD enters your lungs and diffuses directly into your bloodstream rather than passing through the digestive system, having an instant impact on your body and mind. This allows the CBD to enter your circulation at a faster absorption rate, for maximum bioavailability.

Although longer lasting, ingesting CBD takes longer and is less effective. Ingesting CBD only supplies your bloodstream with around 15% of the chemical which, in turn, wastes a full 85% of it to absolutely no effect. Known as the “first-pass effect”, this occurs because our livers break down 85% of the CBD while ingesting the substance.

Sublingual ingestion, which allows for the ingredients of CBD oil to be directly absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth (placing drops under the tongue) is also very effective, but not as enjoyable and as exciting as vaping it.


The effects that CBD oil creates on the body and mind are non-psychoactive, meaning they don’t create an intoxicating sensation.

Cannabidiol is a natural cannabinoid which is extracted from the hemp plant. The process works by the CBD oil reacting with our body’s cannabinoid receptors.

Such cannabinoid receptors make up our body’s endocannabinoid system, and this system is entirely responsible for keeping the body in a state of homeostasis.

What this means is that it supports one of the most important receptor-based systems in our body by providing it with a wide variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

We recommend using the CBD Vape Shot as an additive to your favourite e-juice to experience its full effects.


CBD Vape Shot success stories

CBD Vape Shot success stories

Even though CBD oil is widely believed to be incredibly favourable for treating several illnesses, a promoter of healthy sleeping patterns and beneficial in the worldwide, perpetual struggle against anxiety, stress, and depression, we still cannot make any claims regarding the physical or medical properties of the CBD Vape Shot. This is because there isn’t enough scientific evidence backing it up.

The consciousness is certainly shifting on a universal scale, as well as here in the UK. The success stories are there, yet there’s still a weighty cloud of uncertainty hanging over this movement.

However, since we launched the CBD vape brand, many of our users have openly shared how the CBD Vape Shot has produced a positive change in their life. There are many questions surrounding the success and effectiveness of CBD use, and so it's important that we gain clarity on this matter by giving insight through the many success stories out there. First, let’s compare what the UN says vs. The UK’s outlook.

UN stance vs UK stance CBD Vape benefits:

The UN’s International Narcotics Control Board defines the full cannabis plant as a viable treatment for a variety of illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy, meanwhile the UK Home Office does not.

The ‘medicinal properties of cannabis’ are governed by the UK Home Office. A case in point here is Alfie Dingley, from Kenilworth in Warwickshire. Alfie is a six-year-old boy whose rare form of epilepsy dramatically improved after using cannabis. Unfortunately, the UK Government denied him and his family a request for a medical cannabis license.

The Home Office stated the following, “Cannabis cannot be practically prescribed, administered or supplied to the public.”, Even though there are only nine boys in the world with Alfie’s condition. A spokesperson for the UK Home Office elaborated further, “it is important that medicines are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet rigorous standards before being placed on the market so that doctors and patients are assured of their efficacy, quality and safety.”.

The Home Office’s view is that Cannabis is listed as a Schedule 1 drug, as in its raw form it is not recognised in the UK as having any medicinal benefit – and is therefore subject to strict control restrictions.

Patrick Dempsey, also known as Professor X stood in solidarity with Alfie Dingley’s family in their plight to secure government approval for what can be referred to as full spectrum CBD treatment. Image via ismokemedia[/caption]


Case studies that promote the medical benefits of CBD:

Reduced cancer risk:

In 2015, scientists examined the medical records of more than eighty-four thousand male patients in California and found that those who used cannabis, had a rate of bladder cancer that was a remarkable 45% below that of those who didn’t use cannabis.

Reduced anxiety:

Research reviews conducted in 2012 assessed some international studies and came to the conclusion that CBD reduces anxiety, in 2014, two years later, researchers wrote that augmentation of the endocannabinoid system might very well be an effective strategy to alleviate the behavioural and physical consequences of stress.

Reduces pain:

According to Healthline, Scientists recently discovered that particular components of marijuana, including CBD, are responsible for its pain-relieving effects.

CBD oil success stories from influential individuals:

It’s important to understand that although in the limelight, these are people, just like you and I, that have publicly announced the benefits of CBD for them personally. Such individuals have endorsed the benefits of CBD oil for Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Pain and Glaucoma to mention a few.


Seth Rogan is an advocate for CBD and marijuana use as a treatment for Alzheimer's, and although the use of cannabis might be his favoured solution, upon appearing at capitol hill in February 2014, he made it clear that the issue is about Alzheimer's and not Cannabis, which reminds as that the face of marijuana is changing from stoner to business man. Image via CBS news.[/caption]


Seth Rogen

A firm believer in the benefits of cannabis for Alzheimer's prevention. He famously spoke at Congress about the state of Alzheimer’s research and the public’s perception of people with this terrifying disease. He and his wife continue to create awareness around the disease and have raised $7million so far towards research.

Whoopi Goldberg

Goldberg is a widely-known cannabinoid supporter and consumer. She has been using CBD oil for hers to treat her pain, stress and glaucoma. She has even started her own company, Whoopi & Maya Synergy which supplies medical cannabis products for relief from menstrual discomfort.

Morgan Freeman

Freeman has been using CBD oil to treat the fibromyalgia. This came after a serious accident he was victim to in 2008 and has since been an advocate for the benefits of the plant.

Nate Diaz

It is widely known that Nate Diaz once attended his post-fight interview after winning in the violent and brutal UFC ring while smoking CBD from a vape pen, live on television. He has stated on multiple occasions that CBD oil helps him relieve the severe post-match pain, and even helps to heal injuries. He has gone on to say that it also helps him concentrate.

Michael J. Fox

It is well known that Michael J. Fox is a long-time sufferer of Parkinson’s disease. He has used cannabidiol to combat the abysmal effects of the chronic disease since he was diagnosed. The proof is in the pudding because as we know, it assisted in extending his acting career by many years.


CBD success stories from our users:


“What helps me at night is this! It’s called CBD vape shot, and it’s fantastic! @cbdvapeshot if you have pain, anxiety, sleep issues etc. this is a godsend!”


“CBDVapeshot is an incredible product I use it constantly for anxiety, and it works wonders everybody should get some.”


“Want to try CBD but haven't found a flavour or strength to your liking? @cbdvapeshot is your ideal choice. Have a medicinal need? I can speak of the beneficial effects of using @cbdvapeshotwhich I have experienced.

Whether you have sleep problems, anxiety, suffer from pain or more complex symptoms, as an MS patient I can attest to @cbdvapeshotworking for me in all these aspects, and it may work for you too. @cbdvapeshot has helped me to lead a more free and active life.”


“I love this CBD I’m sleeping better my pains more manageable and generally in a nice little hazy bubble of CBD heaven.”


The growth of CBD in the UK

The growth of CBD in the UK

Since the legalisation of CBD oil in the UK last year, the hemp-derived cannabinoid has been making waves across the country.

While CBD oil might be legal in the UK, there is currently a grey area when it comes to elaborating on the variety of medicinal claims that many cannabis enthusiasts believe to be true. We are not surprised by this grey area, as the introduction of CBD and other forms of cannabis worldwide remains in its infancy, and to make any outright medical claims in the absence of scientific evidence is irresponsible.

What is clear is that perceptions, as well as the persona of cannabis and cannabidiol, is slowly but surely changing. Groups of individuals in public, private and celebrity spheres are beginning to speak openly about its medicinal benefits, while the look and feel of CBD are sporting a slick suit and tie.

As a CBD vape brand, we feel it’s important to highlight the various ways in which CBD oil and cannabis is manifesting itself within the UK, the EU and the rest of the world.

CBD in the UK

The economic applications of cannabidiol in the UK have already begun to produce notable returns. With retailer Holland & Barrett reporting a 37% increase in CBD oil sales in February 2018, one wonders what the growth will look like in a few years.

Although this is old news, there is a serious buzz surrounding the implications of CBD oil in the UK; they reported an increase in cannabidiol users from 125000 to 250000 in the past 12 months.

Legal CBD oil and its medicinal status

However, is this drastic increase a result of its introduction to retail or external factors? BBC news recently published a piece posing the question ‘Is the UK the world’s biggest exporter of legal cannabis?’ Politics aside, one of the most notable takeaways from this piece is the fact that the UK is overseeing the biggest government-licensed medicinal cannabis production and export market in the world.

Furthermore, the article reports that the majority of this medicinal cannabis is exported to the US in the form of a pharmaceutical drug known as ‘Sativex’. Despite the government’s denial of the medicinal uses of cannabis, Sativex is supplied to the public legally under the notion that it can be used to treat muscle stiffness and spasms in multiple sclerosis.

Sativex is produced with two of the cannabis plants most known compounds; CBD and THC. Even though Sativex contains the cannabis compound that produces psychoactive effects, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it does not get users high at the prescribed dosage.

GW Pharmaceutical’s is the world’s biggest government-licensed medicinal cannabis growing facility. 


With regards to the intersection between the medicinal properties of cannabidiol and its legal status in the UK, you might be familiar with the stories of two boys suffering from severe epilepsy. The government has denied the families of Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell permission to access the properties of the entire cannabis plant for treatment, and we believe it’s because of the following:

  1. The cannabis plant contains the psychoactive compound THC, which is known to produce sensations of ‘highness’ in the user. THC is thus a controlled substance, and possession of it can result in prosecution.
  2. Even though the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board define the whole cannabis plant as a treatment for a variety of illnesses such as MS or Epilepsy, the UK Home Office do not.

Despite this controversial dilemma that has risen from the case above, the legal and medicinal spotlight shines brightly on the CBD compound. Another drug developed on UK soil that is being reviewed for its application to uncontrollable epilepsy is Epidiolex.

The core cannabis compound in both Sativex and Epidiolex is cannabidiol. Furthermore, the extent to which one can elaborate on ‘medicinal properties of cannabis’ is governed by the Home Office’s acknowledgement of the effects of these specific drugs in the treatment of MS and epilepsy exclusively.

It’s safe to say that although outright medical claims or positing perceived medical benefits of CBD oil is out of the question, there is still progress being made with regards to the narrative surrounding its medical and legal status in the UK.

CBD and the UK Economy

While the most recent example of economic success about CBD oil in the UK is the case of health and wellness retailer Holland and Barrett, experts predict that cannabis could be legal in the UK five years from now.

Countries such as Canada, Australia, and multiple states in the US are beginning to loosen regulations on both a medicinal, as well as recreational perspective.

Following the topic of regulation, a plethora of investors and company officials attended the Cannabis Invest Conference in the UK at the Mayfair hotel. A variety of Canadian cannabis-related companies such as Premium Cannabis Flower Brand Emblempitched their brands in the hope of securing investment.

Founder of Emblem Max Zevetbelieves that legalisation of cannabis in the UK will begin with its availability to the public for pain management from a medicinal standpoint, whereby recreational use will follow.

Emblem CEO and Founder Max Zavet[/caption]

What’s particularly interesting about this conference is that the majority who attended had never tried cannabis but find the potential return on investment particularly exciting.

While legal marijuana sales in California exceeded $9.7bn in 2017, and sales predicted to hit $24.5bn in 2021, it begs the question: to what extent can the applicational purposes of cannabis and CBD oil boost UK economic growth?

As a CBD Vape brand which has already begun applying the applicational uses of CBD oil in the currently £1bn vaping industry, we are excited about the synergy we have created between these industries.

The CBD Vape Shot is a CBD vape additive that is mixed with a vapers favourite e-juice. Although we are still in our infancy, the potential for growth is looking positive, and what is an important take away from the context of CBD in the UK economy is that the perception of a CBD oil user, as well as a cannabis user, has changed from long-haired hippy stoner to classy business man.

Things are changing!

The Future of CBD in the World

While CBD has seen commercial success in the UK since its introduction to Holland and Barrett as a food health & food supplement, developments and conversation surrounding ‘medicinal cannabis’ is progressing quickly in other countries, within the sports industry, and the celebrity sphere.

Since the legalisation of Cannabis in Uruguay in 2013, many countries have followed suite or have become more lenient with regulations. With Canada expected to legalise cannabis for recreational use in September 2018, other states in the USA such as Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington DC and more have already legalised it for both recreational, as well as medicinal use.

With regards to Canada’s date of legalisation, organisations such as Toronto based startup, Valium Medical are maintaining a responsible position with regards to a dosage of the cannabis compound. Valium Medical is developing an app called SmartFlow which allow marijuana users to track the effects of various cannabis products with varying ratios of CBD and THC.

European countries such as Italy, Germany, Denmark and Finland have already begun to loosen regulations to accommodate consideration from a medical perspective while considering the exiting investment properties.

Once again, it’s clear that the persona of CBD, THC, and cannabis in society is starting to look more like a business man or scientist, rather than that of a long-haired stoner or hippy.

Celebrities, CBD oil and Medicinal Cannabis

In April, the Daily Mail released a piece on celebrities who utilise cannabis oil for its perceived medical benefits. Jennifer Aniston claims that CBD oil assists her with pain management, stress and anxiety. Actress Olivia Wilde benefits from the topical application of CBD. Both actresses acknowledge the wormhole of dependency that painkillers can put individuals through and recognise CBD oil as an alternative health remedy.

Another advocate for CBD oil as a medicinal alternative for anxiety and stress management is super model Alessandra Ambrosio. The supermodel uses it to calm her nerves and get a restful night’s sleep before big runway shows.

Although there aren’t enough global scientific studies to support the medicinal claims surrounding cannabis oil, many celebrities use the cannabidiol to treat a variety of conditions. Some notable mentions are; Morgan Freeman who uses CBD oil to treat fibromyalgia, Michael J.Fox who used cannabis to prolong his acting career despite being a chronic sufferer of Parkinson’s Disease, and Sam Simon, creator of The Simpsons, who despite passing away from terminal colon cancer in 2012, managed to extend his remaining time on earth from 6 months to 3 years.

For Michael Fox, CBD instilled a hope for his acting career. Image via Pop.[/caption]

An important take away from celebrities using CBD oil and cannabis to treat the aforementioned conditions is that despite the lack of medical research supporting the effectiveness of ‘medicinal cannabis’, these celebrities are using it for treatment and speaking openly about it.

WADA, Sports and Cannabidiol

With the World Doping Association recently lifting the ban on the use of cannabidiol by professional athletes, the applicational uses of CBD for pain management and recovery within the sport are becoming more common in a variety of sporting fields.

UFC fighter Nate Diaz vapes CBD to help with inflammation and rapid recovery. Furthermore, a variety of NFL players are using ‘medical marijuana’ as an alternative to the addictive opioid pain medication.

For Nate Diaz, using CBD over opioid pain medication was worth the legal risks. Image via Hempseeds.[/caption]

The reality is that many athletes like Nate Diaz, and NFL player Rick Mease, will seek out alternative forms of treatment, as well as alternatives for quick recovery, regardless of regulations and the powers that be.

The growth of CBD in the UK and the rest of the world can be considered relatively drastic as people from formerly conservative walks of life begin to open up about it, while the perception of it being a stoner drug or something that gets you high begin to shift.

As a CBD Vape brand who has produced a quality CBD isolate cannabidiol vape alternative, we have already had a variety of users speak about how the CBD Vape Shot has changed their lives.

In terms of the future of CBD in the UK, the possibilities stretch as far as the cannabis enthusiasts mind can wonder and we are still left thinking – what’s next?